Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts on the research paper...

I always find it difficult to choose a topic to research that is not to controversial, doesn't involve too much morality/religious points of view and that I find interesting. But this morning while reading the paper, I found it! Last March I got Salmonella poisoning from eating bad meat :( and it was truly awful. The doctor at the hospital told me that I should cut out meat for a bit and let my system heal - so I did. Now almost a year later I am still somewhat meat-free. I eat fish a couple times per week, as I can't seem to give up my sushi habit, and I have had bites here and there of other things (like Thanksgiving Turkey). I have found this way of life to be much easier than I ever thought possible and completely fulfilling. So when I came across an article in the LA Times talking about the UK's Meat Free Monday program - I knew I had found my topic. I am looking forward to researching the pros and cons of this program - the vegetarians vs. the carnivores and of course hearing the debate from those who provide us with the meat that we as a country can't seem to stop eating, and to see how eliminating just one days worth of meat can positively affect our environment. I also plan on implementing this program into my families weekly regimen so that we can do our part to help our environment and improve our health. For fun, I will post all the recipes that I prepare for my meat loving boys and let you know how they go over...on the menu for this Monday - Black Bean Tostadas with all the fixings and Spicy Caesar Salad. Have a great week everyone and good luck picking a topic that will make this paper a bit more enjoyable!

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  1. I have no doubt that I am going to enjoy your paper. I was raised on a cattle ranch and am truly an absolute carnivor. Of course though I was taught that it is better to raise it yourself, which can have a positive response n the environment.