Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writing Assessment - Why I Chose to Major in English

As long as I can remember I have been a bookworm. As a child my Mother read to me often, which nurtured a great love of the written word. My favorite days were spent curled up in the grass with my books, reading as long as the sun would allow. The smell and feel of books has always made me happy, and is something that I can’t quite explain. I tend to read anything humorous, romantic, adventurous, historical (I love King Henry VIII & Cleopatra), and I have an unabashed love for anything from the young adult and children's section. Books are the paths into our imagination; they enable us to see life through the lives of others and their stories. Books can help us evolve and become better thinkers and writers. But most of all books are a source of entertainment and escape. A place that we alone can go at any moment in any given day and have an experience that can alter us forever.

Books and my love of reading are the reason that I chose to major in English. I wanted to go back to the beginning of literature, and get acquainted with the great literary talents that have inspired legions of readers throughout time. I wanted to get to know Austen, Chaucer, The Bronte Sisters, and of course Shakespeare. Along with reading I chose to major in English to find my voice. To learn how to put into words all the thoughts and feelings that live in my mind. I want to learn how to create characters, stories, and dialogues that give readers insight, knowledge, joy and an escape from the everyday.

There are those that think that I should have chosen a major such as Business or Accounting, but to be honest I could not imagine having done this any other way. I feel privileged to be able to immerse myself in literature and know that in doing this I am becoming a better version of me. My goal is to one-day work in Children’s Book Publishing as an Acquisitions Editor. I want to find new, fresh voices and turn their manuscripts into actual books that find space on the shelves of stores and libraries around the world. I chose children’s books because as a mother I know first hand how important books are to the lives of growing kids. Dr. Suess, A.A. Miline, Jon Scieszka, and David Shannon have brought immense joy to kids worldwide with their stories, humor, lessons and morals. My goal is to search out more authors like them who want to inspire kids to reach for the stars and to never give up on their dreams.

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  1. Chelsea, I think you have some great ideas and, ultimately, an achievable goal. Good for you! You've done a fine job here.